How I Got Started

I have always enjoyed building things. Even as a little girl I would steal my brother's mechano and train tracks, so when I bought my house, I was naturally interested in DIY work. My dad started making furniture for my house, including some chunky shelves, a hand-made sign for the front of the house, and side, coffee and kitchen tables. Most of the furniture in my house has been hand-made from scratch, but when I needed a corner cupboard I first encountered the upcycling trend. I used an old corner piece, painted it, made doors, added a shelf and made it shorter. After this I then made a wooden trunk out of an old packing case and I was hooked! After learning the basics from my dad and making a variety of items with him, I decided to actually give it a go and start making some pieces by myself.

I started off making wooden trunks and got really good feedback from friends and family, so I branched off and tried a few other ideas. In the meantime I visited a friend who was just finishing a build and was just about to dump a load of old pallets on a fire. I asked if I could take them and try and make something with them. After a long time figuring out how to break them up and make them safe, I started making small wooden crates and then progressed into making larger ones of all shapes and sizes.

Since then I’ve now found more materials which I can upcycle into interesting character pieces, including slate and my new favourite building material, old scaffold boards. The scaffold boards take a LOT of work before I can use them as a material to turn into the pieces I sell but you’re guaranteed a one-off unique piece of furniture for your home. I take enormous pride in every piece I make and am happy to customise anything you see on the site or my Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter pages.

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