Scaffold Garden Table on Wheels

MARIE FROM HERTS Perfect table for our lifestyle! Fabulous paintwork, big enough for family & friend occasions and very solid. Great design element as on wheels which means we can relocate in the garden getting the best of the sunshine!!! Thank you Vicki!!!


CATHERINE FROM SWINDON I fell in love with Vicki’s furniture when I first saw a collection at an exhibition. What drew me to them was that they were unique and I also love the fact that she uses recycled materials. So when I moved into a new house a couple of months ago Vicky made a kitchen table and book shelves for me and they both look amazing! In addition to being talented, Vicki is very nice and nothing was too much trouble, even though I kept changing my mind about things in the process.


CATHERINE FROM SWINDON If you want bespoke, unique and beautiful furniture, look no further.



2 metre long #oak table with #steel legs all ready for delivery this evening #industrial #bespoke #e

NEIL FROM IPSWICH We are over the moon with our bespoke dining table designed and handmade by Vicki Brand. We found Vicki to be polite, professional and accommodating at all times. We were kept up to date with the progression with regularly emailed draft drawings and photos of the table which was delivered to us within the timescale promised. I would confidently recommend Vicki to anyone who is looking for a beautiful product and excellent customer care.

#scaffold cupboards and bookcases installed in 'The #Boathouse' #interiordesign #seaside

DIANA FROM WHITSTABLE After converting our garage at our seaside house we thought about the style and knew we wanted a combination of warmth and rustic charm as well as efficiency and storage space, Vicki specially designed a unit for us made up of two cupboards topped by scaffold boards which provides storage and a surface for use as a desk, dressing table, or eating space. It fits perfectly in the space and looks just right and has been the subject of many compliments from our guests.

#oak table with tapered legs in its lovely new home #interiordesign #industrialdesign #christmas

ROB AND BEX FROM HERTS We are so pleased with our new dining table. We wanted a table that would fit 6/8 comfortably (and 10 at a squeeze!) with a hint of the industrial. We have a little one and Vicki made sure that the table achieved our desired look but was practical for little ones! The table exceeded our expectations and Vicki was extremely professional. Can't recommend enough!

#railroad #nail #coatrack is up and in use at its new home with #toggi and #barbour gear ready for #

JAYNE FROM HERTS Thank you Vicki, I love my coat rack. I have received many compliments on the individuality of the coat rack and it looks very stylish in my home. Great craftmanship!

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MONICA FROM HERTS I asked Vicki to recreate a mirror that I saw , it was too small for my fireplace mantle. She made it the size I wanted. It was so well made and I couldn't have been happier with it. Hoping one day she will make me a table!

Whitewash Scaffold Shelving Unit

LAURA FROM HERTS What a talent, thank you so much for making two beautiful pieces of furniture for me! Everyone who sees them asks them where I got them from and compliment the design. You've managed to incorporate all of my practical requirements, created something beautiful and been incredibly helpful throughout the process!

New #bespoke #whitewash #scaffold #shoerack ready for collection #interiordesign #shoes #storage #up



JO FROM BRIGHTON I wanted something different for my friend's birthday, she loves original items. Through word of mouth, I heard about Brand Designs and decided to call Vicki to see what was possible. Not only did Vicki select the wood down to my friend's taste (she somehow found a piece of wood with natural purple colouring - my friend's favourite colour!) but she also included an array of candles, ! For truly natural and unique pieces, I would strongly suggest you check out Vicki's work.


SARAH FROM STANSTED Vicki did an amazing job of creating a beautiful wooden crate for our wedding. After seeing some of her designs on her Facebook page I liked the rustic feel of her work so I asked if she could make something. She turned it around in no time and knew exactly what I was after. I then saw a brilliant idea for a friends birthday which involved framing a world map, she hand delivered both items to me with a few weeks. I can't wait to see what she has in store next!


JAYNE FROM HERTS I have recently purchased a storage chest to be used as toy box for my twin grand- daughters. I am absolutely delighted with it, especially as Vicki made it to my exact dimensions. The toy box is beautifully crafted and finished with great attention to detail and also safe for child use. This is a versatile storage chest that I am sure will be used for many many years to come. Thank you Vicki.

Scaffold Multicoloured Toy Trunk

ROBYN FROM ROMFORD As an excited first time aunt, I wanted to give my brother and sister a thoughtful and long-lasting present for my nephew. The toy trunk made for me bespoke by Brand Designs blew any toy trunk I have ever seen clean out of the water. I was able to choose the exact colours, type of wood, size to what would suit its owners. It was to such a high quality and was better than I could have thought possible! I can’t wait to see my nephew grow up with it!

Giant Chalkboard

DANIELLE FROM HAMPSHIRE I am delighted to have received my chalkboards made by Brand Designs, they are of wonderful quality, beautifully made and we have had so many admiring comments! I am in fact so happy with these two items that I have now placed an order for a childrens toy box and I simply cannot wait for it to arrive!

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Pallet Loveseat

JO IN CAMBRIDGE I had spent months searching garden centres for a wooden love seat, but found nothing that I liked, or of any good quality. I contacted Vicki to ask if it was something she could make for me, and from that point, she took the project under her wing, designed me a seat from a small a brief given by myself, and even gave me options on a particular finish and stain colour. Thank you for making my perfect garden love seat into a reality!

Upcycled scaffold cupboard

JACQUI FROM SURREY I have been looking for a cupboard for a while to increase storage however it had to fit into quite a small space. I wanted something that was not mass produced. It's been a search and then I met Vicki. The whole process has been great; the beginning (explaining what I wanted, swapping ideas & exploring options with Vicki) to the end. Just look at my beautiful cupboard and my other gorgeous purchases; Vicki is a genius with old bits of wood. She also makes a cracking cuppa!

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New #butchersblock extra large chopping board with _emma_bridgewater crockery #emmabridgewater #inte


#upcycled #scaffold #mirror ready for hanging #interiordesign


One year ago today when I was playing around with some boards I finished off one of my first #upcycl

BARBARA FROM HERTS I love my small rustic coffee table which fits beautifully in my Suffolk (nearly seaside), cottage. The bleached colours look great in the conservatory and fit perfectly with my chalk painted cane chairs. To order the coffee table to size was so useful as the space was limited. Thanks Vicki for a great job!!

New #upcycled stackable #scaffold side tables made from offcuts with #pallet legs and cast iron brac

JASON, KATE AND FREDDIE We approached Vicki having seen items she made for a friend, after Instagram stalking we got in touch for a side table and toy trunk. We measured and were delighted to hear that we could have the items made exactly how we wanted. Throughout the process Vicki was brilliant, allowing us to tweak designs and choose the final finishes and metal work. We couldn't have asked for more and are delighted with the end result.

#upcycled #scaffold #trunk with cast iron brackets and gas strut dampers to save fingers #reclaim #i

JASON, KATE AND FREDDIE We certainly know where to turn should we need any bespoke items in future.


NICK FROM HERTS I am delighted with the mirror, just the job for the swimming pool hut. You took great care, to make sure that, I got exactly what I wanted.