I started learning carpentry from my Dad, who has taught me everything I know. Originally, it started as a hobby, but after my family and friends began to show interest in the products I'd created and I investigated the possibility of setting up my very own small carpentry business. Brand Designs is the result, based in my little workshop in Hertfordshire.

I started making furniture and homewares a out of used pallets and scaffold boards as I hated seeing wood go to waste once it was void of use. I take great pleasure in upcycling a range of wood to make it into beautiful products despite the additional time it takes to make the wood usable verses using new wood, however, I love to see things take shape from things people have deemed as waste. I now use lots of different materials and am always open to new ideas and working on new designs.


I take enormous pride in the products I create and because each piece is completely handmade, every one is entirely unique with it's own character. I am happy to customise the majority of my designs so you get the perfect piece to suit your home.